Des Moines Tesla Body Shop

Des Moines Tesla Body Shop Repair


Even cars as technologically advanced as Tesla vehicles aren’t indestructible against driving accidents. Fortunately, we can help. Willis Collision Repair is now Iowa’s only Tesla-approved body shop! If you’re looking for someone with the skill to precisely and carefully repair your Tesla vehicle after you get into an accident, bring it over to our professionals at our collision center in Des Moines. We service the following Tesla vehicle models: Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y.

We have the skills, tools, and experience to do body work for minor and major collisions, even on a Tesla vehicle. We work with all insurance companies and are a preferred repair center for many insurance providers. Your investment is safe in our hands.

Why Trust Willis With Your Tesla Vehicle?

  • ASE-certified technicians
  • Frequently recommended by top-rated insurance companies
  • We’re the only Tesla-approved body shop in Iowa
  • Our technicians are Gold Class Certified (the highest achievement level for a collision repair professional)

Contact our Collision Department at 855-638-1182 or email today to get your Tesla vehicle in so you can get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Wheel Repair Services in Des Moines

wheel repair

Bent rims and punctured tires are a serious problem for drivers. Fortunately, the Willis Collision Center in Des Moines has professionally trained auto repair technicians who will expertly fix your wheels, removing any traces of damage.

Most wheel damage is superficial, which makes our wheel repair process quick and easy so you can get back on the road fast. If repairs would be too extensive for you to fix severe damage, we are happy to assist you with wheel replacement. The Willis Collision Center team will make recommendations based on your needs and will make sure you leave our auto shop with a vehicle that is safe to drive. After your vehicle’s wheels are repaired, stop by our Willis Accessories Center to check out new wheel upgrade options like PVD Chrome Wheels.

Repair – Starts at $220
Contact our Collision Department at 855-638-1182 or email

Des Moines Area Headlight Restoration & Repair

headlight restoration

If your car’s headlights are chipped or cracked, Willis Collision Center can easily repair or replace your headlamps. Additionally, if your car spends a lot of time out in the sun, causing your vehicle’s headlights to become hazy, cloudy, or yellowed from UV rays. Not only is this not ideal for the overall appearance of your vehicle, but it makes driving dangerous.

When your night-time visibility is reduced, you’re more likely to experience problems such as a crash. Our Willis Collision headlight restoration process will give your headlights a like-new finish and will significantly enhance not only the value but the safety and appearance of your vehicle. After improving the appearance of your headlights at our body shop, improve the interior of your car with vehicle detailing services from our Willis Detail Center.

Headlamp Reconditioning – $85 per headlamp (includes industries largest 3 year warranty)
Contact our Collision Department at 855-638-1182 or email

Des Moines Collision Center Dent Repair & Removal

Minor Dent Repair

Paintless Dent removal

Getting small dings or dents on your vehicle can be pretty easy, and a lot of times it’s even hard to figure out where they came from. At the Willis Auto Campus Collision Center, we understand that small dings and dents can easily happen to your Des Moines area vehicle. If you’ve recently noticed some minor damage on your car, we have some great news. You don’t have to worry about spending an arm and a leg to a body shop to have them help you repair this and repair that, you can simply come to Willis.

At Willis Collision Center, we use a method called Paintless Dent Repair, also known as PDR, on any vehicles that paint wasn’t broken on. This method saves you substantial money since it only costs about one third of the traditional repair methods. Almost all new cars have a clear coat protectant, and many of those deep scratches can be buffed out by our body shop professionals saving you money by not needing an expensive refinish.

Don’t assume that an unsightly mark or ding on your car is something you’re stuck living with. Our dent repair and dent removal solutions are both quick and inexpensive. We love seeing new faces come into the Willis Auto Campus Collision Center and we want you to have an excellent experience at our Des Moines location. We strive for you to have an auto shop experience that you want to tell your friends and family about. After our experienced staff fixes the dent on your vehicle with paintless dent removal, ask about Willis Accessories Center’s paint protection film services to help keep your car paint looking fresh. We also offer hail damage repair for vehicles after a big storm hits the Des Moines area.

Paintless Dent Removal – Starts at $95 per dent*  (*Price varies depending on size of the vehicle.)

Contact our Collision Department at 855-638-1182 or email

Des Moines Area Windshield Repair Services


When your windshield cracks or chips, there is a good chance that your driving visibility will become impaired. Instead of having to constantly adjust to be able to see where you are driving, stop by the Willis Collision Center. Not only is our auto shop windshield repair process quick and convenient, it is also covered by most insurance companies. Our quick-moving glass technicians can often repair a windshield within an hour.

Having your windshield repaired is also a more environmentally friendly option opposed to getting a completely new windshield, since they often end up in the landfill. Let the body shop professionals at the Willis Auto Campus Collision Center get you back to a safe driving visibility. While you’re visiting our Collision Center, be sure to find out more information about the auto detailing  packages we provide at Willis Detail Center.

Windshield Repair – Starting at $81.50 per rock chip
Contact our Collision Department at 855-638-1182 or email

Your Des Moines Collision Repair Auto Body Shop

After a recent accident, it’s important to take your vehicle to the professionals. Our Des Moines Collision Center employs the most qualified auto shop and collision repair technicians who are always prepared to answer your questions and assist with all of your body shop needs. We are a direct repair facility for many insurance providers and work with all insurance companies. Willis is a locally-owned, full service auto body repair shop based right here in Des Moines. For more than 60 years we’ve been serving our customers and have worked with all types of vehicles of all makes and models. Our technicians are ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) trained and Honda, Volvo, Infiniti, GM and Cadillac certified and insured. Our technicians have their Collision Repair and I-Car Gold Certifications, ensuring the highest quality of repair services for your vehicle. The Gold Class recognition is the highest-level of achievement that a collision repair industry can achieve. Only about 10% of auto repair shops hold this high-class certification.

Minor Collision Damage Repair

Minor Collision Repair

Experiencing a fender bender is never enjoyable. Neither is having to spend your own time ironing out every single detail to get your car repaired. At Willis Collision Center, we make it our goal to take the hassle out of the process. Simply bring in your dented car to our body shop and we will take care of the rest. Not only will we handle your rental car needs, we will do it while restoring your car to pre-accident condition. Our body shop crew can make your vehicle look like it’s never even been hit with our phenomenal assembly line process, where we will remanufacture your car. This lets us repair your car in about half the time of traditional methods most auto shops employ, allowing you to get back to your life quicker. We have spent over 60 years perfecting our craft and have over 1 million happy customers that have been able to enjoy their Willis Collision Center experience. Discover the difference by stopping in our auto shop today.

Major Collision Damage Repair

Our number one concern when it comes to car accidents is your safety. Fortunately, cars are designed and produced to ensure your maximum safety during an accident. After an accident occurs, bring your car into Willis Collision Center. Our highly trained technicians will work to remanufacture your car to the same rigorous standards it started with. We’ll use the same types of tools that were initially used to first manufacture your car. This is one of the many reasons why Willis Collision Center is such an obvious choice when restoring your car to pre-accident condition.

Why Choose Willis Collision Center?

There are many things to consider when choosing a collision center. What makes Willis Collision Center the best? For one, our staff is I-Car Platinum Certified in their respective roles. This means they have the highest level of training possible for the jobs they do, no matter what their auto repair specialty is. Our certified technicians specialize in Honda collision repair as well as Volvo, Infiniti, GM, and Cadillac. We have resistance spot welders recommended by the original manufacturer of your car. We use water-based eco-friendly paint just like the factory uses. We have the ovens to bake that finish to perfection. We also have 60 years and three generations of continuous service to our customers and the pride that goes into every single body shop repair with the Willis name on it.

Premier insurers recommend Willis Collision Center to their customers, and the reasons listed above are exactly why. Top rated insurers recommend our body shop to their policyholders every single day. This is why Willis Collision Center is is the only Infiniti/Volvo/Jaguar/Cadillac Certified Collision Center within 100 miles of the Golden Circle (Des Moines area). While other body shops make bold claims, none can match our offering in all the areas highlighted above.

If you aren’t already convinced that Willis is the best collision center and body shop to repair your vehicle, ask any of our loyal customers. Let us give you a list of references of people just like you that were once searching for help when their car was damaged from an accident. They’ll share with you some amazing stories about their experience with our auto shop. Why would you trust one of your largest investments to anyone but the best?

Water Based Paint

Willis Collision Center was one of the first in the area to pioneer water based paint for vehicles. The reason behind this is because we care about our people and we care about our environment. Many of the traditional paints used in auto refinishing are bad for both the people applying it and the environment. This is why when Axalta (DuPont), a leader in science and innovation, came out with a safer, cleaner, and better system, we were the first to invest in it. We choose to use Spies Hecker Products in our facility. Axalta provides us with a lifetime warranty against any failure that can possibly occur.

This particular product is also what is used on almost all new cars coming in from the factory. Those companies use it for the same reason our Des Moines shop does. It’s safer, cleaner, and better for your car and the environment. We’re proud to be an innovator and leader in the industry all while keeping the environment clean and safe.

Contact our Collision Department at 855-638-1182 or email to schedule your appointment.

Other Products offered at the Willis Collision Center

  • Paintless Dent Removal – Starts at $95 per dent
  • Windshield Repair – Starting at $81.50 per rock chip
  • Wheel Repair – Starts at $220
  • Headlamp Reconditioning – $90 per headlamp (3 year guarantee)
  • Vehicle Appearance repairs (spot repairs) – Starts at $286.50
  • Rental cars are available at a cost on request to meet your temporary transportation needs.
  • Complimentary vehicle pick up and delivery anywhere in the state of Iowa for any service work.

Des Moines Collision Center Hail Damage Repair


When a hailstorm hits, your car is in danger. Unexpected hail has the tendency to ruin a vehicle’s finish and cause noticeable dents. The car’s hood, trunk and roof are all likely to absorb much of the hail damage. Hail damage repair requires the services of a professional auto repair shop. Let our certified professionals here at the Willis Auto Campus Collision Center assist you when a bad storm hits your Des Moines area vehicle.

Our goal is to bring you a hail dent removal experience that minimizes inconvenience for you while doing a quality job restoring your vehicle. We’ll make insurance claims easy and can provide rental cars while our body shop experts work on your car or truck. The Willis team can also take care of any necessary glass replacement or traditional body work for your vehicle. While you’re here, be sure to check out our Willis Accessories Center as well our Willis Detail Center to find auto accessories or custom detail work that you would like done to your vehicle.

  • Paintless Dent Removal – Starts at $95 per dent* (*Price varies depending on size of the vehicle.)
  • Windshield Repair – Starting at $81.50 per rock chip
Contact our Collision Department at 855-638-1182 or email